Do I have to make a selection in the extras to book a tour?
No, this is mainly intended for Curacao connoisseurs and touring professionals. You can book any tour directly. In addition, we will briefly explain the course of the tour to you at the meeting point. Almost all individual arrangements and adjustments are possible.

Are there air conditioning systems in all vehicles?
Our vehicles are all air-conditioned.
If necessary, for example due to health problems, the trip can also take place without the air conditioning with open windows.

Do I have to bring drinks or are drinks included in the tour price?
No, you don't have to bring drinks. We offer you water, various soft drinks and beer during the trip free of charge.

How do I choose my desired tour day?
It is best to select your desired tour day directly on our homepage under "Your tour booking". This will lead you to all available tours. However, you can also select the "Tours" menu item and click on the "Select" button on the tour of your choice. Then the calendar also appears here and you can select your desired tour day.

What information do we need from you?
First and foremost, you should tell us whether you are visiting Curacao with a cruise ship or whether you are staying in a hotel on Curacao! You are also welcome to specify the desired pick-up time. Simply enter this information in the "Comment" field on the reservation form.

Why are there also the individual tours as submenu items under the menu item "Tours"?
Here you can primarily enjoy the picture slideshow in a much larger representation than under "Tours" and also see all tour information immediately. However, under "Tours" a click on the mini-slider in the top left opens it up in a larger format and in a stylish overlay! To book from here, simply click on the "Book now!" button.

Why doesn't a calendar appear after I click "Click here to start a new search." after no suitable tour is available for my desired tour day?
Simply click on "Select" on the tour of your choice and you can choose an alternative day!